"Building Strong Foundations"
A Parent's Guide to Healthy Living

Senior Capstone Project: Short animation educating parents and children in Cincinnati on healthy habits. This is the pilot episode that covers how to get kids to eat vegetables. Animations are categorized by topics of food or fitness.

Music by Joe Hisaishi, "Kamisama Tachi" and "Obake Yashiki!"
Voice-over by Morgan Miller

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Renewable Energy: Wind Power

Animation (1:38) promoting wind power. Wind turbines have proven to be a viable solution to mitigating carbon emissions.

Information was taken from AWEA, BBC, EPA, US Department of Energy, and Yes2Wind.

Music by Kilowatts, "Close the door"
Voice-over by Renee Luk

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BBC World Ident

A short (10 sec) ident for BBC. The concept is taken from BBC's values of bringing the world to the UK and bringing UK to the world.

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"Let It Fly"

This is a rough-cut narrative (1:30) of myself. I've developed an interest in storyboarding and metaphorical narratives after this project.

Music by Carla Bruni, "Tout le monde"

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AMC Shootout banner

Flash banner used for AMC Shootout.

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